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After a lot of wait post announcement, Jio Phone Bookings started today @5.30 PM on & MyJio App.

The phone is available for pre-book only and to do that you have to pay Rs.500 in advance, while rest 1k INR will need to be paid at Jio Store at time of pickup.

There will be no home delivery for Jio phone (As Of Now).

Rather, you will have to collect it from your nearby Jio Store. While booking it will ask you to enter your pin code so you can pickup it from your nearby store once it is available there.

The phone will be made available to jio stores after 1st September 2017, after that you can collect your phone from there. Also, jio will remind you through sms once Jio Phone is in stock in your nearby store for pin code you provided.

You can read more about Jio Phone Booking here & also don’t forget to check our post about JioPhone FAQ.

There’s one special feature of Jio Phone, that you can connect your Jio Phone with any TV to enjoy premium services of Jio on big screen.

Wondering how???

You can do that through Jio Media Cable which is specially manufactured for this phone.

With that cable you can simply connect your phone with any TV, even if it is old CRT TV with traditional A/V ports.

It’s time to make use of your old tv, I can say this is best thing you can do with your old Television.

So guys, let’s explore how you can connect your Old CRT TV or new LCD/LED TV with JioPhone to enjoy premium content from Jio Cinema, Jio TV on larger screen.

Jio media cable price, online booking

Jio Media Cable : How It Will Work

Jio phone tv cable is a cable from jio which is designed specially for jio phone, this cable will make your jio phone capable of mirroring phone screen to television. The best thing about the cable is that with this cable you can connect your phone to old tv as well.

The cable will works as a simple connector for your jio phone, it will work in same way as a hdmi cable but on other side it will be having simple A/V output. With A/V Output it gets completely easy to connect it with any tv even if it is a old CRT TV with no HDMI Port.

Jio Media Cable Price

As of now there’s no official information available about the price of cable. But, if we look in market such cables costs around Rs.250-500 for a quality cable so it is expected to come at that price only. However, as jio is providing all of services at very cheap price comparing to others so it looks like the cable is not going to cost anything more than Rs.100-200.

Let’s hope for best and wait for official price information. As of now this is all information we have about jio’s cable which is specially designed for jio phone and looks like a very valuable product as screen of jio phone is very small for watching multimedia items.

So we recommend you to get one if you are willing to use your phone to watch live tv on your Television by connecting it to your old TV.  This cable will maximise the use of phone and will make it more useful.

ProductMarket PriceJio PriceAvailability
Jio PhoneRs.2500Rs.1500In Stock @
Jio Media CableRs.250-500Rs.100-150Upcoming

How To Buy Jio Media Cable Online

The cable will be available for sale online, same as jio phone. Cable will be made available for sale after few days so you can order it online after that.

The cable is going to available at and myjio app for ordering online. Along with that it will be available at other online shopping sites as well so you can order the cable online to get delivered at your address. You can follow the below process to order it online.

  1. Log on to Jio’s official site by clicking here
  2. Now click on banner of cable (Will Be Available Soon)
  3. Now Enter you contact details along with delivery details
  4. Pay using available methods
  5. That’s all, you will get your cable very soon
  6. You might need to pickup it from your nearby jio store.

Who Is Eligible To Get A JioMediaCable

In simple word if you have bought jio phone than you are eligible for getting a jio phone cable.

But, the cable is available for those users of jio phone who opt for plan of Rs.309 or more. As that plan gives you more usage then other small plans which will allow you to use services of jio tv, jio cinema and jio music along with other apps easily for few hours which is more then sufficient for any user.

So make sure you recharge with plan of Rs.309 or more so you can use jio phone to connect with your tv and even if you don’t have a modern tv than also it is going to work for you as it works for old model tv as well. The cable utilise A/V Port of cable which is available in all tvs.

My TV Doesn’t Have A HDMI Port, Can I Use Jio Media Cable?

Yes, you can use use jio cable to connect your phone with tv even if it doesn’t have a HDMI Ports. That’s the best use of the cable as it can give a new life to your old tv. The cable will get connected with help of av port and simply your jio phone screen will show on your tv as well. If you are one who don’t watch tv that much then you can dig tour old dth set top box and can use the phone as set top box.

Will I Get A Jio Media Cable Free With Jio Phone?

No you will not receive it free with your jio phone. Instead, you have to buy cable separately for Rs.100-200 from jio store or online from In jio phone box you will receive Phone, Battery, Charger & User Manual. However, it is not going to cost you much so you can easily buy it online.

What’s The Benefits Of Jio Media Cable?

The cable is very useful. It will make your phone 10 time more useful then it is. With help of this you are going to enjoy premium content of jio on you television so you can watch it on larger screen.

Jio TV

With Jio TV you can watch over 250 live channels on your phone. The app is available for jio customers specially and best part is that it is completely free. With jio tv app you can also watch 7 day old episodes of your favourite show which is very useful if you miss any episode of your favourite show.

There’s over 400+ channels available on Jio TV Which you can watch live. It contains all the popular tv channels for TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Music & News. So it will make you sure that you are not going to any of your favourite show.

Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema works as a movie box. It have hundreds of movies and shows listed inside the which can be watched anytime for free by just opening app. similarly as Jio tv it will be also available for jio users only and will be pre installed in jio phone.

Jio Music

Who don’t like music? Hear your favourite music whole day with jio music. This app is must if you are a music lover. The app contains all songs including old ones and latest ones. You can also save your favourite phone to your phone storage so you can listen it back without sending any extra data.

If you connects jio cable and plays music on your phone than it will be also played on your tv so you can listen it in loud voice. However, speaker of jio phone is loud enough so you don’t have to depend on external speaker.

So guys let us know in comment section if you are going to buy jio phone or jio media cable.

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