Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In India 2019

Online shopping has grown a lot in India. Better Internet availability has made it a very compact way to shop; now millions of Indians are shopping online. In fact, some of them completely depend on online shopping for their daily needs. You might want to shop online or maybe you are already an online shopper looking for more options to shop from. There are a lot of options to shop from but today I will tell you about the top 10 online shopping sites in India.

When you shop online, you have thousands of products to choose from. Moreover, you don’t need to step out to get the product, it will be delivered directly to your home.

It’s obvious that we need something which can deliver genuine products on time and has a quick responding customer support which can help when needed. Other factors can be available payment options, return policy and all. Cash on delivery as a payment option can be a big factor for some peoples who have no credit/debit card available.

While shopping all we expect is a quality product at a reasonable price and an easy return policy so you can simply return the product if it is not as per your need or not as described.

The flexibility we get with online shopping is unbeatable, same goes for availability. As there are not just a few products to choose from, rather you have a big number of products available in every category, almost every product have its alternative.

That’s something you will not get anywhere, no matter how big mall you are going to visit.

Considering user friendliness, product availability, customer support, and other factors I have a list of cheapest online shopping sites in India. You can see the list below and can shop from below sites without any hassle.

Best Online Shopping Sites In India 2017

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In India 2019


Amazon - Best Online Shopping Site

Amazon is my first choice for any order I place. Unless and until other stores have a better price than Amazon with a big price difference, I won’t even look at them. If you analyze my online orders than you will be surprised to see that my over 60% of orders are placed on Amazon only, while the rest of all comes in 40% only.

Except for a few things, everything is available on Amazon. Their logo defines that they have everything (A2Z) available and it really makes sense. Just plan what you want to buy and simply search for it on Amazon and it will serve Hundreds of products for you, at a better price than others.

If you are still wondering why it is in the first place then let me tell you one thing that no other online shopping site can beat Amazon in term of Customer Support. Their customer support is top notch. You can contact them through Live Chat, Email & Call. I can guarantee that if you ever contact Amazon customer care you will not have to wait more than 2 minutes. In fact, I don’t remember when I waited for more than 1 minute last time.

This applies to live chat and call both.

While they take around 4 hours to reply email (Better than others). But you can always contact them through live chat or call, 24×7. They also have provided a toll-free number so their customer doesn’t have to pay for calling charges from his own pocket.

Along with that Amazon’s return policy is quite customer friendly. With Amazon, you can return your product easily as you don’t have to send it back to them. Instead, they will send an agent from their team to pick up your order from your address. At Amazon, you get up to 30 days to return your product. However, most of the categories have a 10-day return policy and some electronic products are eligible for replacement only.

At Amazon, you also get a symbol of quality and guarantee that you will be surely getting a genuine product as they have marked most of the products as Amazon Fulfilled and they take care of them on their own.

If you place an order worth Rs.599 or above then there will be no delivery charge on your order but if order value is below that then you will have to pay Rs.50 for delivery charge. However, you can also opt for prime membership by paying just Rs.499 and then all delivery charges will be taken off.

With prime membership, you get a lot of benefits including free delivery on all orders without any minimum order value requirement. Also whenever Amazon comes with a sale, you will get 30 minutes early access to all deals along with prime exclusive deals.

You also get unlimited free fast deliveries such as One Day, Two-day Delivery along with discounted same day delivery.

So, considering such user-friendly service we can easily rank it on #1 in this list of top 10 online shopping sites in India.

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flipkart online shopping india

Flipkart is the only site which can compete with Amazon. It is India’s in-house product which is providing e-commerce service in India since 2007. In term of quality and customer satisfaction, there’s no big difference between Amazon and Flipkart.

but some products are exclusive with Flipkart and while some are exclusively available on Amazon only so you have to make a choice at that time.

Practically you are going to have a good shopping experience with Flipkart but make sure you also check the same product on Amazon as well as you may find a better price for that product. Most of the high priced electronics are available at Flipkart than Amazon so I also prefer Flipkart for such orders.

Customer support at Flipkart is very good but it can’t match with customer support Amazon provide. However, you will not have to contact their customer care as they aim for a good service rather than a good customer support.

At Flipkart, you get free delivery if your order is Flipkart Assured and total cart value is over 500 rupees. At this point, Flipkart seems good than Amazon as you have to order for 99 rupees less than Amazon for getting eligible for free delivery.

Same as amazon prime Flipkart also have a yearly subscription named as Flipkart First under that they offer fast deliveries for free for one year. You can also become a Flipkart First User by paying Rs.499 for a year.

Along with such good service, Flipkart has started manufacturing quality products under their own brand Flipkart Smart buy and providing a decent product quality at a very compact price. You can choose any product from the available ones and I am sure that it is going to satisfy you for sure as the quality of products is very good.

Flipkart is also popular due to their timely discount sales and an epic yearly sale named as Flipkart Big Billion Day. They organize big billion sale once every year and they have grabbed a lot of attention due to that as they offered as huge as 99% discount on various products. Many shoppers managed to grab some products for just Rs.1 and some high valued items for just Rs.99.

If you haven’t explored the sale yet, then make sure you register yourself with them and wait for the big sale. The sale is expected to come during mid-September or in the first week of October.

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paytm for electronics

Paytm is the most popular name in mobile wallet and payment gateways. They have more active users than any other mobile wallet in India. During demonetization in India, they got huge growth as they provided seamless customer service at the time of need.

However, they were already on top in the industry but as they took the right steps during demonetization and grabbed the opportunity they got their user-base doubled in a few days.

Let me correct you, paytm is not just a mobile wallet anymore, now they are full-fledged online shopping marketplace. They sell stuff from all categories, from electronics to small accessories. They are backed by China’s biggest eCommerce company Alibaba and now they have become Alibaba of Indian Marketplace.

Recently, they launched a separate platform for shopping, named as PaytmMall.

But, paytm doesn’t have a quick way to contact customer care so I don’t like their service much. If you want to contact them then you will have to wait around 24-48 hour to get your problem solved that is totally disgusting. However, their service is very good so you will not have to contact customer support but good customer service is a very needful thing with an online shopping site. You can also reach paytm through their social media channels on Facebook or Twitter to get quick support.

Another thing I don’t like about them is that they have very bad shopping policy as they charge huge as shipping charge and sometimes it appears to be more than the actual cost of the product. Even if you order high-value item there will be no exemption on the shipping charge. Moreover, if you order more than one product or multiple quantities of a single product than also you will have to pay the separate shipping charge for each quantity.

Paytm is not limited to mobile recharges or shopping, rather they are providing numeric services to their users. It includes bus, train, flight, movie ticket booking, hotel booking, bill payments for all major services and so many other services. With this many facilities, it is alone enough to do so many tasks.

Overall, paytm is one of the cheapest online shopping sites. The only drawback I see is delayed customer support. Still, this online shopping marketplace deserves to be on this list of top 10.


Old favorite Snapdeal

No so long back, they were better than any other online shopping site in India.

In fact, they were ranked number one in online shopping marketplace.

All because of unbeatable customer support and quality services they used to provide.

However, they are having a tough time right now due to high competition with other shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. But, still, you can’t say that their serving is bad. After all, they know how to make customers happy.

If you are looking to shop at discount in a sale than snapdeal will be a good choice for you, I can guarantee that you will not have to face something if you go with snapdeal. They have a customer friendly refund policy along with a bunch of payment method so you will not have a hard time while making payment for your order.

As other major shopping sites, they also have Cash on Delivery so you can pay for your order at the time of delivery which seems very good choice if there’s something wrong with payment gateway or you prefer to pay at the time of delivery.

Let it be any festival or special moment. They don’t leave any chance, you can visit them anytime there will be a sale running for you with a lot of discounts so your shopping is going to be very cost effective for you.

They have over 300,000 sellers registered with them which ensure that you are not going to run out of choices. There are thousands of products in stock at Snapdeal which let you make the best choice.


TATA CLiQ is the new name in the industry. Since launch, they have been providing quality services for online shoppers.

It was launched nearly one year ago and they proved to be best. Within a short span of time, they are in the Top 10 online shopping sites in India.

They also have a luxury shopping portal named as TATA CLiQ Luxury; if you care about brands than it should be the first place you to check.

TATA CLiQ is mainly focused on fashion and clothing products but you can also shop for the latest launched electronics from them.

They aim to sell only ‘C.A.M.E.L.S. (‘Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves’) and makes sure that you get a quality product delivered. Customer satisfaction is their first priority. I can’t say much about their customer care as I never got a chance to contact them because whenever I placed an order with them I was totally satisfied with the quality and delivery of the product.


shopclues for cheapest shopping

If you need low priced items than Snapdeal is the best option out there.

I am definitely sure that it is the cheapest online shopping site in India.

With weekly sales named as Sunday Flea Market, they are always on trend.

Oh yes, I forgot, they also organize a sale on every Wednesday which is named as Wednesday Super Saver Bazaar.

In such sales, they provide a large number of products from all the categories at a very cheap price. As they provide items at cheap rates so you can’t expect a quality product from them. But if you are tight on the budget than it is the best place to shop.

Quality of product is not up to mark but good at the price you gets.

Mostly such sales feature only basic essentials at a very affordable price but you also get multiple products from categories such as fashion, clothing, electronics and basic mobile phone as well.

BUT, They also have the same problem as paytm.

Shipping charges are high, sometimes even higher than product’s cost with no exemption, even if you are purchasing multiple products at once.

Also, you can’t expect a quality product, but the amount you mostly pay makes it completely okay as quality & price both are cheap (Yeah, both).

Sometimes we also get defective products delivered which can be or cannot be returned as per their policy for that specific product.

I have included them in the list because of their low budget products so I don’t recommend you to place an order for a high-value item from them unless seller rating is good.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Clothing (Men + Women)


Myntra is the best place to be updated with the latest fashion trend. You can get branded products at a very reasonable price without compromising on quality. They always try to sell authentic products so you don’t have to return it back unless there’s some fitting issue.

Need best deals on branded products? You should go with Myntra.

A few years back flipkart bought myntra and now it’s running its operations as part of flipkart. But, it is still providing the best shopping experience for fashion lovers as it used to provide.

They provide a guarantee of 100% original products so you will not feel like cheating, still, you can return your order within 30 days of receiving which is more than enough for you to decide whether you want to keep the product or not.

Their shipping policy is quite good but if you want free delivery on your order then you will have to order products worth Rs.1199 or more. If your total order value is less then Rs.1199 than you will have to pay Rs.149 as shipping charge.

It seems that they charge more than any other online shopping site for shipping charge as paying Rs.149 as shipping charge is something which I never want to do. However, you can place an order of Rs.1199 or more to avoid this shipping charge.

Moreover, if you are first time user of myntra than you will not be charged anything as shipping charge on your order, even if your total order value is less than Rs.1199. This seems a good offer for a new user.

Mostly, whenever we order from Myntra it gets over Rs.1199 as we are buying branded products so it doesn’t bother me. But they should reduce their shipping charges to around Rs.100 or below which will be very fair.

If you return your order than a courier partner of myntra will pick up from your address. But this pickup facility is not available in all locations so you might need to ship it on your own by paying shipping cost from own pocket. But the best thing is that myntra will refund shipping charges as well.

Myntra Try And Buy Service

It is something which no other site provides (As far I know).

With this service, you can try-out your purchase at the time of delivery and can keep the thing you like with you. Rest of things will be returned back to myntra and you will receive a refund back to your account which you used to pay while placing an order.

This service is available on most of the in-stock products and available in 31 cities. You can check the availability of service for your area by entering your pin code on the product page.

Try & Buy facility is available only if your total order value is over Rs.1199 and order contains more than three products in order. If you are going to use this service then make sure you tick on Try and Buy service.

The service is not available during big sales days and you will have to pay Rs.99 as service charge which is not refundable even if you are going to return all the products you purchased.


Midnight Deals with over 2000 brands, 200000+ styles.

The perfect place for anyone who wants to purchase fashion and clothing products online.

Daily whenever you open jabong you will find a deal running there which you can use to buy branded clothes online.

A few times back Flipkart owned Myntra which is also one of the best sites for ordering clothing online purchased Jabong. But still, jabong is providing great services to its customers as it was used to provide.

At Jabong there are over 200000+ products available for sale from top brands. They have products available for sale from almost all big brands, they claim to sell products from over 2000+ brands.

There are a lot of payment methods available including COD (Cash On Delivery) so you will not find it trouble to make payment for your order.

Clearly, there are multiple reasons, why this site is there in the list of top 10 online shopping sites in India.

One best thing about Jabong is that they provide next day delivery at a very low cost. You can avail next day delivery for selected pin codes for a minimal cost of just Rs.49 only which is less than any other site for speedy delivery.

You can check the availability of next day delivery for your pin code on the product page itself. Not all products are eligible for next day delivery and if you want to avail this faster delivery service than you will have to place your order before 6 PM and through jabong app only as this service is available from jabong app only.

You need to download jabong app if you want to place an order for next day delivery.

This service is also not available on Saturday, which means if you place your order on Saturday then you will not get any option to place your order on speedy delivery. In that case, it will take it’s slandered time to deliver your product. In most of the cases, it never takes more than 3-5 days to deliver your product so that is also not a larger amount of time.

If somehow your product doesn’t get delivered next day then you will get refund credited back to your payment method if it is a prepaid order while for orders placed on COD you will get an email to enter your account details where you want to get your refund.

If you receive a big sized product than you can easily exchange it while if you want you can also return it easily as jabong offers an easy refund policy of 15 days.

Best Website to Shop Baby Products Online


When it comes to baby products shopping, FirstCry is the best platform to shop online.

At FirstCry you can find over 2 lac products from 2000+ international brands.

I don’t think, there’s any top brand whose products are not available at FirstCry, that’s why it has over 2 Million Happy Customers. It is a complete solution for your Baby’s shopping needs, it has everything for your baby.

From Baby Essentials to clothing, books everything you can find there.

I Mean Everything.

It has Toys, Skin Care Products, Health Care Products, School supplies and many more things that your baby needs. You can find almost all the baby products listed there so you don’t have to look at any other site.

Keep one thing in mind that most of the products available there are not eligible for return so choose carefully what you really want to order.

Best Online Shopping Sites For Buying Furniture Online In India


India’s most popular site to purchase home furniture products online. Probably the most trusted as well. There are over 3.5 million registered users who trust Pepperfry for home furniture shopping. They claim to sell a new item every 25 seconds which indicates how popular they are.

In actual, most of the online shopping sites don’t ship big furniture products to most of the locations, except a few. Because it is very hard to handle and deliver such big products. But, Pepperfry serves in over 500 cities of India and they have over 1 Million + products available for sale which gets shipped from their 17 fulfillment hubs.


For affordable furniture Urban Ladder is the best place, which you should visit first.

You can save on your home furniture products with Urban Ladder, it makes it really affordable to shop.

Along with furniture Urban Ladder provides a special service for its customer. With this service you can select a design for your home can leave everything on Urban Ladder.

They will choose the best products for you on their own according to your selection and most importantly they will send their home decoration experts to your home to decorate it. It will save you from the headache of finding a decorator for your home & most importantly they are giving you the exact same design as you want.

Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites In India


BigBasket is India’s number one site to order groceries online.

At BigBasket you can place an order for Fruits, Vegetables, Grocery, Bakery, Household Products, Personal Care products, and many other products from multiple categories.

As of now, they provide their services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Mysore, Coimbatore, Vijayawada-Guntur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Lucknow-Kanpur, Gurgaon, Vadodara, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Nagpur, Patna, Indore, Chandigarh Tricity, Jaipur, Bhopal, Ludhiana, and Jalandhar.

They are going to expand their coverage to other cities as well.


Forget one day or two-day delivery, with grofers you can get your orders delivered within a few hours.

Right now grofers is providing its speedy delivery in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Noida, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhopal, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Madurai, Ranchi, and Vadodara. Larger service area makes it possible to be on the list of top 10 online shopping sites.

You can buy groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, cakes & other bakery items meats & seafood, cosmetics, mobiles accessories, electronics, and baby care products, online using grofers at a very efficient price.

All the things will be delivered directly to your address within a few hours and the amazing part is that it all comes with the best price as grofers provide multiple offers on grocery shopping.

So ultimately you are going to save your time and money both if you place an order for households through grofers.

Best Online Eyewear Shopping Website


Lenskart is the best website in India to buy eyewear online. It offers amazing customer sanctification and offers, also with lenskart First frame is always free. Along with that most of the times, you can find a buy one get one offer running there which make eye-wear shopping very cheap.

Also, there’s a 3D glasses testing tool which is called as DITTO, this service allows you to test over 1000 frames directly on your face so you can check which frame will suit your face.

Moreover, you can also book an appointment on Lensekart and a specialist from lenskart will bring 100+ bestselling frames to your home so you can choose a perfect one for you from them.

Currently, this service is available in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


CoolWinks was founded in 2016 only and now with great services, it takes place in this list of best online shopping site in India for eyewear purchase.

Right now they are providing best offers on Glasses so I must recommend you to check them out. They are providing huge discount currently so make sure that you don’t miss the offer.

Best Online SItes For Buying Supplements & Other Health Products


Heathkart is largest online shopping store in India for Health & Fitness products. You can purchase 100% authentic medical products from many brands at Healthkart. This is your one-stop destination if health-related products are something you want to shop for.

So, guys, this was the list of our preferred best online shopping sites in India 2019. Let us know which is your favorite site among these top 10 shopping sites in the comment section. Most of the sites on the above list have multiple payment options including Cash On Delivery so you can place your order instantly.

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