Mi Diwali Sale 2017 – Mi 1 Rupee Flash Sale – Diya Hunt to Win

Before the Big Festival of Diwali, Mi Diwali Sale is here with some exciting offers such as Mi 1 Rupee Flash Sale. The sale will be live between 27th September to 29th September 2017. During sale time Mi will come up with the Rs.1 sale, daily between 11 AM to 05 PM. Along with these flash sale, Mi will also provide discounts on their products from various categories so users can make their Diwali more delightful with such great offers.

Moreover, as we all know it is quite difficult to purchase Xiaomi products as they come up with flash sales with very limited stock. So, if you are willing to get any Mi product then it is a good chance for you as there will be all the Xiaomi Exclusive products up for the sale so one can get them easily, that too at discount.

After all, it is Diwali Sale, for India’s biggest festival (For Me, At least) so it is quite good time for online shoppers to shop as much as possible a there are a lot of discounts running around there on almost every online shopping portal. But, Mi’s 1 Rupee sale makes Xiaomi stand out. As it is quite rare to see such sales where you are actually getting something for almost free.

Along with such good offers, there is one more contest running in that you can easily win Discount vouchers, F-Codes, Mi Smartphones, Accessories for free. We will talk more about this Mi Diya Hunt Contest Later in this post.

Mi Diwali Sale 2017

As you know there are a lot of offers running in this Mi Diwali sale so here is a list of all the offers that you can grab. It seems to be a perfect sale for Xiaomi lovers who like their products and want to get them cheap rate as cheap as just 1 rupee.

  • Mi Diya Hunt Contest – Find Diyas and win free discount vouchers & Mi products.
  • Mi 1 Rupee Flash Sale – Grab Mi products for just Rs.1 (11 AM to 5 PM)
  • Mi A1 Flash Sale – Best Buy For Rs.14999
  • Mi & Redmi Smartphones – Grab them at best price
  • Mi Protect Service – Just For Rs.399
  • Redmi Note 4 Limited Edition Sale – Lake Blue Edition
  • Mi Accessories – Up to Rs.100 Off
  • Mi Bank HRX Edition – Just Rs. 1299
  • Free Discount Coupons – 27-29th at 10 AM Everyday
  • SBI Card – Extra 5% Cashback
  • Paytm Special – Rs.400 Cashback On Redmi Note 4
  • Bid to Win – 2PM & 6 PM Everyday
  • Fastest Finger First – 4 PM Everyday

Mi 1 Rupee Flash Sale

So here is the most exciting part of this sale. You can grab Mi products for Just Rs.1. But, it is not that easy to get them for Rs.1 as there are a lot of people tries to shop for these products for just 1 rupee. So, they get out of stock witing seconds, maximum 2 seconds is all you have to get them. So it all depends on your internet speed and how fast you react. However, there are a few people who use some tricks to grab products in the sale but mostly it’s not that easy at all. Some of you might doubt that if it is fake sale organized by Xiaomi but I don’t think it is fake as  I have seen a lot of people who have really got products for just Rs.1 in similar sales.

During the sale, you will get two chance daily to grab this offer at 11 AM and 05 PM.  It is worth trying as you are going to spend just Rs.1 for a very expensive product. But, there is no guarantee that you will get one for you or not but there is nothing wrong in trying.

Here are the timing slots for the sale.

27th Sep 2017(Day 1)

  • Slot 1- Sale of Redmi Note 4 (4 GB + 64 GB) Black @ ₹12,999/-, Mi Car Charger @ ₹799/- and Mi Router 3C @ ₹1,199/- will start at 11:00 AM till stocks last.
  • Slot 2- Sale of Redmi 4 (3 GB + 32 GB) Gold @ ₹8,999/-, Mi BT mini speaker- Grey @ ₹1,299/- and Mi Selfie Stick Black @ ₹699/- will start at 5:00 PM till stocks last.

28th Sep 2017(Day 2)

  • Slot 1- Sale of Redmi 4A (2 GB + 16 GB) Grey @ ₹5,999/-, Mi Band HRX Edition- Grey @ ₹1,299/- and Mi Backpack Black @ ₹1,499/- will start at 11:00 AM till stocks last.
  • Slot 2- Sale of Redmi Note 4 (3 GB + 32 GB) Black @ ₹10,999/-, Mi Capsule Ear Phones- Black @ ₹999/- and Mi Wi-Fi Repeater- White @ ₹999/- will start at 5:00 PM till stocks last.

29th Sep 2017(Day 3)

  • Slot 1- Sale of Redmi 4 (2GB + 16GB) @ ₹6,999/-, Mi Backpack- Black @ ₹1,499/- and Mi VR Play- Black @ ₹999/- will start at 11:00 AM till stocks last.
  • Slot 2- Sale of Redmi 4A (2GB + 16GB) @ ₹5,999/-, Mi BT mini speaker- Grey @ ₹1,299/- and Mi Selfie Stick Black @ ₹699/- will start at 5:00 PM till stocks last.

Terms & Conditions for the sale

  • Products available under this sale are limited in quantity and are given away on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Users who have successfully purchased products during this sale will be declared under the “₹1 Flash Sale” section on the Website and App.
  • A user who successfully adds a product during this sale must complete the purchase within two (2) hours of the product being added to his/her cart, failing which the order will be automatically cancelled.
  • Seller reserves the right to review and cancel orders under this sale in case of any suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • All users who successfully purchase product(s) during the sale shall refrain from commercializing/selling such product(s). Any irregularities found will lead to immediate disqualification and blacklisting of the user.
  • Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw, cancel, amend, or modify any part of or the entire scheme at any time without any notice and seller will have no liability in relation thereto.
  • Delivery charges if applicable, may apply.
  • Products available under this sale are limited in quantity and are given away on first-come, first-serve basis. Sale will be held in two (2) slots on each day from 27th – 29th Sep, 2017 at 11 am & 5 pm as per the following schedule:

Mi Bid to Win Contest

This is another great offer from Mi Diwali Sale 2017. In this offer, Users get a chance to take their favorite Mi products home by placing a lowest unique bid against the desired product. If the bid is unique which means that no other participant has entered the same number and lowest amongst all other bids from other participants, they get to take the product home at their bid price.

Contest Timing & Products

September 27th, 2017(Day 1)

  • Slot 1 starts 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM with Mi Max 2 @ ₹16,999/-, Mi Router 3C @ ₹1,199/-, 20,000mAh Mi PowerBank @ ₹2,199/-.
  • Slot 2 starts 6:00 PM to 6:59 PM- Redmi 4 (3 GB + 32 GB) Black @ ₹8,999/-, Mi Band – HRX Edition @ ₹1,299/- and Mi Car Charger @ ₹799/-.

September 28th, 2017(Day 2)

  • Slot 1 starts 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM- Redmi 4(3GB + 32GB) Black @ ₹8,999/-, Mi Comfort Headphones HD @ ₹2,999/- and 10,000 mAh Power Bank @ ₹1,199/-.
  • Slot 2 starts 6:00 PM to 6:59 PM- Redmi 4A (2GB + 16GB) Dark Grey @ ₹5,999/-, Mi BackPack @ ₹1,499/- and Mi WiFi Repeater @ ₹999/-.

September 29th, 2017(Day 3)

  • Slot 1 starts 2:00 PM to 2:59 PM- Redmi Note 4(3GB + 32GB) Black @ ₹8,999/-, Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini @ ₹10,999/- and Mi Backpack @ ₹1,499/-.
  • Slot 2 starts 6:00 PM to 6:59 PM- Redmi 4 (3GB + 32GB) Black @ ₹8,999/-, Mi Router 3C @ ₹1,199/- and Mi Band- HRX Edition @ ₹1,299/-.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The bid entered by a user cannot be a negative value or 0 (zero) and it also cannot be higher than the selling price of the individual product as displayed.
  2. The User with the lowest and unique bid (lowest bid price for the product on offer which no other user has entered) (“Winner”) shall stand a chance to purchase the product on offer at his/her bid price, exclusive of delivery charges (if applicable) subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. Winners will be declared under the “Bid to Win” section on the Website and App within thirty (30) minutes of the closing of each time-slot.
  4. Winners for each “Bid to Win” time-slot will receive a system generated notification in their respective Mi Accounts.

Fastest Finger First

This is a quite simple offer, in this, there will be a live stream going Xiaomi Website and they will ask a question and the one who enters answer first will be declared as the winner.

You can participate by clicking here

  • Fastest Fingers First sessions will be held at 4 PM every day from Sep 27th – 29th, 2017
  • The host of each session will announce the prize first, followed by the question. Users need to act quickly and type their correct answer in the answer box and submit it
  • First correct answer on host’s chat session will be declared as the winner. Final winner list can be checked shortly after on Mi Community (http://c.mi.com/in/) and in the Fastest Fingers First – Winners list section on mi.com/in
  • There will be 15 give-aways during each session amounting to a total of 45 give-aways over a period of three (3) days i.e. Sep 27th – 29th

Mi Diya Hunt Contest

Under this offer, user need to find hidden Diyas. Once you hunt them you will get a few discount vouchers along with a lot of Mi products for free. This offer is valid till 29th sept 2017.

Xiaomi Diwali Offers For Extra Cashback

Xiaomi SBI Offer

SBI Offer in Mi Diwali Sale

Get extra 5% cashback up to Rs.1000. A user can avail this offer on minimum purchase of Rs.8000 or more. So if you are purchasing products worth more than that then make sure that you avail this offer. However, it is not an instant discount but it will be credited back to your bank account directly within next 2 months.

Paytm Cashback Offer

There are two offers running for paytm. In one offer you will get rs.400 cashback in your paytm wallet if you purchases Redmi Notev4 from Mi.com and pays through Paytm Wallet. In the second offer, you will get an exclusive discount code from Mi which will be valid on flight booking at paytm and you will get Rs.1111 cashback for using that promo code.

You can avail paytm flight offer for your every purchase at mi.com.

Mi Diwali sale 2017

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