Big Bazaar Exchange Offer 2018 – Junk, Old Clothes, Gas Stove

Ever thought that you can get something big with your old clothes or junk? No, I guess. List of Big Bazaar Exchange Offer 2018 is here to prove you wrong. With this great exchange offer, you can get rid of junk from home and the good, you get paid for it. The rate very depends upon the junk you are going to exchange, we have attached the price list below. For most of the products, they are giving you the best price one can give so it is totally worth to pay a visit to them with all the junk you have.

You can check the price list for each kind of product below in this post itself but before that let me tell you that they are accepting all kind of junk so you can make use of this offer to get rid of all that stuff which you don’t need anymore or older products those have stopped working. The exchange offer will be the best option for you as this gives you the best price even for junk and I’m sure that that’s what you always needed.

In this offer, you can sell your old newspapers to big bazaar at high rate Rs.50, while you can get up to Rs.5000 for your old mobile phone. When you exchange your junk you get paid in term of Big Bazaar gift voucher which you can use to make a purchase at BigBazaar. The coupons will be issued in a domination of Rs.500 or Rs.1000 so make sure that you carry sufficient junk with you so you can be eligible to get a voucher which’s value starts from Rs.500. So in Big Bazaar Exchange Offer 2018, you should have at least that much junk which can be valued Rs.500 like 10 KG old newspaper or some other useless products which can be priced Rs.500 according to the price list of big bazaar, which I have added below.

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Big Bazaar Exchange Offer 2018 – Dates, Rates & Procedure

Home fulfilled with old items or garbage? let’s put this junk out of the home. Now even exchange your old products at best price available or get paid in return for that. Avail the best big bazaar exchange offer now.

The offer is valid in all the top cities where Big Bazaar has their retail stores. It includes Delhi, Bangluru, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai along with a lot of other cities. They do have there stores in most of the big cities so if they do have a store in your city then it’s time to get something in return of your old useless junk.

Exchange Rates

Here is the complete list of price rates of this exchange offer of big bazaar. They are providing a decent amount of most of the things.  So it’s a good chance for you to sell your old stuff.

Old NewspapersRs.50/kg.
Old ClothesRs.300/kg
Old SofaRs.1000/Set
Old UtensilsRs.300/kg
Old Washing MachineRs.5000/pc.
Old Single BadRs.3000/Bed
Old Double BedRs.5000/Bed
Old Dinning TablesRs.1000/Seat
Old TyreRs.200/pc
Old TVRs.5000/TV
Old Furniture ItemsRs.500/kg
Old FridgeRs.5000/pc
Old Mobile PhoneRs.5000/pc
Old Electronic Appliances

(Except TV,Fridge & Washing Machine)

Other Old ItemsRs.100/kg

Procedure to Avail Offer In

  1. Visit here and fill up junk details
  2. Calculate junk price with price calculator at the official site of Big Bazaar
  3. Go to nearest big bazaar store with junk
  4. Get paid in form of big bazaar vouchers
  5. Only 500 & 1000 domination of voiuchers are available
  6. Redeem them while shopping at Big Bazaar.

Where You Can Avail This Offer

The offer is available in all the cities where big bazaar stores are available. Being a large chain of hypermarket offline stores, they have covered almost every big city of India which means the offer is valid all over India including Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

You can look for complete list here at Big Bazaar.

Terms & Conditions

These are the full terms and conditions of the big bazaar exchange offer 2018 along with offer dates.

  • “The Great Xchange Program” is applicable from 18 Feb. 2017 till 16 Apr. 2017 (inclusive both days) (hereinafter referred to as “Xchange period”)
  • Xchange coupons will be issued from 18 Feb. 2017 to 26 Mar. 2017 (inclusive both days) at all Big Bazaar stores, select Big Bazaar Gen-Nxt Stores and select Food Bazaar Stores
  • Redemption of Xchange Coupons will be valid from 18 Feb. 2017 till 16 Apr. 2017 at all Big Bazaar, select Big Bazaar Gen-Nxt, select Food Bazaar, select Ezone and select Hometown stores
  • The Great Xchange Program is valid for PAYBACK members only. Other customers can participate in the Great Xchange Program by enrolling for PAYBACK card membership. All terms and condition of PAYBACK card shall apply
  • Value of junk/scrap will be issues only in the form of Xchange Coupons
  • Once scrap is exchanged for Xchange coupons, customer cannot reclaim scrap under any circumstances
  • No cash/credit note/Gift Voucher/ other modes of payment shall be issued in exchange of junk/ scrap/ old merchandise/Xchange coupons
  • Ezone Money Back Gift Voucher/Ezone Smart Swap Gift Voucher/Big Bazaar Exchange Voucher/Koryo Scratch Card cannot be redeemed along with Ezone Exchange Voucher
  • Future Retail Limited (FRL) solely reserves the discretion to accept junk/scrap from its customers at select stores and to determine the value of junk/ scrap and the value Xchange coupons
  • Xchange coupons shall be redeemed in full; partial redemption is not allowed
  • FRL may pick up junk from the location of customer at its sole discretion and no dispute in this regard shall be entertain by FRL
  • Upon miss call from customer, IVR call back/ SMS from Company/ FRL may get delayed due to network error/ issue
  • FRL may use contact details of miss call customers for sending SMS of offer offers, tele- calling or for any other marketing purpose
  • To redeem Xchange Coupons on purchase of Home & Kitchenware Products gas stoves, crockery, utensils, containers, bed sheets, carpets, curtains, chairs, stools, towels, quilts, luggage, toys & sports goods , stationery, etc. purchase value has to be 4 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed. If shopping exceeds the minimum value (value of Xchange coupon x 4) the difference amount must be paid by cash/credit card or other mode of payment and won’t be eligible for further discounting against any other Xchange coupon at a later date or time
  • To redeem Xchange Coupons on purchase of small appliances & electronics products like induction cooktop, mixer grinder, microwave oven, TV, refrigerators, etc. purchase value has to be 8 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed. If shopping exceeds the minimum value (value of Xchange coupon x 8) the difference amount must be paid by cash/credit card or other mode of payment and won’t be eligible for further discounting against any other Xchange coupon at a later date or time
  • Redemption not valid on Food & Groceries and Apparels
  • Xchange Coupon Redemption not applicable on Mobiles, Laptops, Desktop, Cameras, Tablets, Gaming, Printers, Accessories, Earphones, Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker and few other technology products. Complete list of excluded electronics products can be viewed at nearest Ezone Stores
  • Xchange Coupon Redemption valid only on furniture products within Home Town Stores
  • Xchange coupons will be issued in denominations of Rs.50, Rs.100 & Rs.250 only
  • Redemption of Xchange coupons will be rounded off to the lowest multiple denomination of Rs.10 in a single bill. For e.g. if a customer shops home products worth Rs.1020 & s/he has Xchange coupons worth Rs.300, s/he can redeem only Rs.250 worth Xchange coupons
  • The Great Xchange coupons cannot be clubbed with any other discount/ offer for redemption
  • Redemption of the Xchange discount coupon would be applicable on the total bill amount exclusive of VAT, VAT amount will not be applicable for discount through Xchange coupons

Avail the best big bazaar exchange offer 2018 now and get rid of your home junk. it includes almost all the items you can have at your home. it can be anything like old clothes, gas stove, mobile etc. You should make use of this exchange offer as it looks like you can’t get much better exchange rates anywhere than Big Bazaar Exchange Offer.

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