Best Anti Pollution Masks In India 2021 – Kids, Bikers & Runners

Due to excessive use of vehicles, a higher count of factories and impacts of human acts which are not friendly to the environment, pollution has crossed the highest limit. Similar to last year, pollution is at its peak now. Last year in November-December-January also it crossed all the limits and the whole environment became very polluted like a gas chamber. Higher pollution has a very bad effect on human health. In fact, it badly affects the immune system of the human body and makes them sick.

In North India & New Delhi, conditions are very worst than any other part and you are not recommended to go out of the home unless it is very necessary. At home, you can get an Air Purifier installed but while going outside you will still have to suffer from pollution. So we have selected a few Best Anti Pollution Masks which you can use while going outside to keep yourself safe.

Some peoples blame Diwali Crackers for this much high pollution. But, there are various reasons which are responsible for higher pollution. Still, whatever the reason is, it’s on you whether you want to be safe and healthy or not. If you have to go outside much often then make sure you don’t leave your home without an anti-pollution mask otherwise you may have to face a lot of big diseases. In case you want to buy the best anti-pollution mask online then scroll below, we have added some Best Anti Pollution Masks recommendations.

Best Anti-Pollution Masks 2021 For Maximum Protection:

Anti-Pollution MaskPrice
Dettol Air Protect Air MaskCheck Price
Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face MaskCheck Price
Dettol Siti Shield Protect+Check Price

Dettol Air Protect Air Mask

Dettol Air Protect Air Mask

This pollution protector from Dettol has 4 in 1 protection from pollution. This is the best anti-pollution face mask that you will find. It comes with two filters and has an adjustable nose clip and ear loops to fit perfectly on your face. This mask will keep you safe from PM 2.5, bacteria, dust and pollen so you can have a safe breath. This mask is very comfortable to wear and has an adjustable nose clip and earloops so it can be suitable for any face type including kids.

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Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face Mask

Honeywell Best Anti Pollution Masks

This anti-pollution mask is probably the cheapest face mask that you can purchase. It is available at a very affordable price and still has a high-quality filter to protect you from PM 2.5, dust, haze, bacteria & influenza viruses. This one has a very soft ear band which is made of cotton which will help you to wear it easily. Along with that, it has an adjustable nose clip which will make sure that you don’t breathe any polluted air by mistake.

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Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ – Best For Kids

Dettol Siti Shield Protect+ N95 Anti-Pollution Smart Mask

This is another anti-pollution mask from the Dettol brand. With the trust of Dettol Brand, it has the capability to filter 98% of pollution and can prevent 99% of bacteria. This mask is available in three different sizes (S, M & L) so it can fit easily on kids as well. The small size of this mask will fit kids very well while M & L size can be used by adults as per the size of their face. It is really powerful to keep you safe from harmful pollution, that’s why we have added it to the list of Best Anti Pollution Masks India.

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What to Look For In A Anti Pollution Mask

Fitting Of Mask On Your Face

This is the most important thing you have got to check at first. A fit face mask will make it sure that you are not taking polluted air while breathing. In case, it is not fit on your face, it may not work much effectively as it should. However, most of the masks will fit you easily but if you are purchasing a mask for kids then it is very important to check the size of the mask as they have very little face comparing to adults.

However, there are a few anti-pollution face masks that are available in small size. They are specially designed for kids only and will fit your child’s face very well. Along with that, not everyone has the same face size so even adults may find it uncomfortable to put a mask on their face if it is not fitting on the face. So, keep in mind that you order a face mask that is fit and comfortable for your face.


A good anti-pollution face mas should be able to filter at least 95% of pollution. Most of the certified best anti-pollution masks have filters to protect you from PM 2.5, dust, pollen. Your mask should have the capability to keep you safe from this unnecessary pollution which is very harmful to your health. We have already added the best products above. You can check and buy them online.

Long-Term Usable Masks

It doesn’t make sense to spend money on masks which can’t be used for multiple time. It will be a waste of money if we have t purchase another face mask every third day. So, make sure when you purchase an anti-pollution mask then it should not be one time usable/disposable anti-pollution mask.

Who Needs Anti Pollution Masks

Everyone who is living in a polluted area needs a pollution mask. It is very necessary to prevent pollution from affecting our body. Otherwise, it will make you sick and will also affect your immune system. Still, there are a few conditions where one should never leave home without putting on an anti-pollution mask.

Outside Workers

It is a must to wear an anti-pollution mask for outside workers as they spend their whole day outside their home. Outside, they may have to face a lot of pollution which will make it hard to stay healthy. So, indirectly it will affect their working ability.

As an outside worker who has to work in the field and especially those whose work is located in polluted areas must need to be safe from pollution. They can choose any of the available best pollution masks so they can work as per their capacity and can make most of their day.

Bikers & Runners

Polluted air has very bad effects on everyone. No one is safe from it, but those who are bikers and runners breaths more than a normal person. So, it has even worst effects on bikers and runners. Just to be safe and healthy bikers need to be prepared for polluted air. They can wear a good anti-pollution mask to keep themselves safe from bad air.


Maybe the most sensitive ones. Yeah, kids usually don’t have a good immune system as adults so all the disease affects them very easily. They can get ill very easily so it is very important to keep them safe from this polluted air which put their lives in danger. Or, it can also make them ill which will affect their lives for a large span of time. So make sure you take proper steps o keep your kid safe from pollution. You can make them strict about going outside. After that, you need to buy a suitable anti-pollution mask for kids so they can wear it with comfort. However, it might take some time for them to get used to the anti-pollution mask.

Anti-Pollution MaskPrice
Dettol Air Protect Air MaskCheck Price
Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face MaskCheck Price
Dettol Siti Shield Protect+Check Price

So, I will recommend you immediately purchase an anti-pollution mask to be safe from this polluted environment. We have already added a list of the best anti-pollution masks which are available online for purchase at the best price in India.

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