Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number : Idea, Airtel – Full Process

Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number : Idea, Airtel – Full Process
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Now, You need to re-verify your number to avoid disconnection. This is what going to be happen after recent decision of Supreme court. According to this decision you will have to link aadhar card with mobile number i.e SIM card to continue using it.

However, if you have taken SIM through Aadhar card biometrics verification then take a long breath, as you don’t have to do any linkage. If not so early then in next few months you have to do it, maybe forcefully to keep your connection activated. 

The verification will be free of cost and you won’t be charged anything, you don’t even need to submit any id proof or photograph.

Your aadhar number and fingerprint verification is enough for it.

This is truely a good move and will surely hit the mobile numbers running on fake ids. It is going to provide more security to our details as it need us to present at time of SIM verification so no worry of missuse of our documents, specially for SIM card purchases.

As of now most of operators haven’t started this process as it need a lot of preparation for this, especially training of the SIM card retailers.

For now Airtel and Idea have started re-verification of SIM cards through Aadhar card and other operators (Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel etc) will start it very soon.

Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number

SMS Received For Verification From IDEA

You can always ask your nearby retailer for the process and can complete it with collaboration of them. In few days it is going to be mandatory, so do it in start to avoid the crowdfull rush of last time.

How To Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number

  1. Visit nearest retailer (Specific to operator wise)
  2. Ask him for fingerprint verification for existing customers
  3. Tell your mobile number which you want to verify
  4. Give him your aadhar number when asked
  5. Authenticate the process by verifying the fingerprint through fingerprint scanner
  6. That’s all, you have successfully verified your SIM card
  7. You may receive a confirmation message from your service provider.

This is how you can link aadhar card with SIM card, at time of verification make sure that you keep your original aadhar card with you.

Idea Aadhar Link

Idea is one of initial operators to start the Aadhar card verification. You can easily complete verification by visiting your nearby idea retailer. You can locate nearly store by going here. Aadhar Link with idea SIM card process is completely simple and will not cost anything and not more then 2 minutes.

  • Visit idea mobile store
  • Ask for Aadhar verification
  • Tell your mobile number
  • Give your aadhar card number when asked
  • Authenticate the process with fingerprint verification.

Airtel Aadhar Link

Along with idea Airtel have started the Aadhar ​linkage process and you can visit the Airtel store and can complete your verification to avoid disconnection. Linking Aadhar card with Airtel SIM is so easy and mandatory now.

  • Visit your nearest Airtel store
  • Ask them for aadhar verification
  • Give ur aadhar number and mobile number
  • Verify through fingerprint verification.

Jio Aadhar Link

Jio Customer don’t need to panic as since starting Jio have used the biometric verification to provide SIM cards so you don’t need to re-verify it. But, if your sim card is taken without Aadhar verification then you should do the verification by visiting Jio store.

Vodafone Aadhar Link

As of now, Vodafone haven’t started the process.

Aircel Aadhar Link

Aircel is also yet to start the verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is it necessary to use aadhar card of same person for whom SIM is issued

Maybe No, As it’s not required while doing MNP, Same may apply here as well. However, it’s not confirm yet.

What if I don’t have id of person, whom name SIM card is taken?

Maybe you can transfer it to your name by verifying your id proof. If it’s not possible then, we recommend you to do MNP to other operator as while MNP you can use any document.

What is last date to link aadhar with SIM card?

You can link your aadhar card with your number till February​ 2018. So you have enough time, nothing to panic.

Is it mandatory to link aadhar with SIM card?

Yes it’s mandatory to do. If you are unavailable to do then you can do it later, as last date is not so near, it’s February 2018.

Can I link it online without visiting retailer?

Since it goes through biometric verification so you can’t do it online from home.

Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Yes, you can link to multiple SIM cards. However, there is limit of maximum connection per user.

Is there any fees for it?

No, there is no fee for it. If someone asks for money then complain Customer Care about it.

What if I am less then 18 year old?

Maybe, it will work for you, try and tell us as well.

So guys this is a step toward a safer and more secure verification of SIM cards so we recommend you to link aadhar card with mobile number sim. Idea and Airtel has started it already as it will surely help in decreasing the number of frauds and usage of SIM cards with others name or fake document​.

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