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How to Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number [Using OTP] – Last Date

Supreme Court decides to stop sim cards running on fake identities, now it is mandatory to link aadhaar card with mobile number i.e SIM Card through bio-metric verification to keep it active. If you don’t link your sim card with your aadhar card then your number is going to disconnected very soon. So if you don’t want to loose your mobile number then make sure that you link your sim [Airtel, Idea, Vodafone Any] with aadhar before last date.

In case, you have purchased sim card with biometric verification then you don’t have to go through this verification process. The linking process is very simple and free of cost and can be done at any retailer shop. Also you don’t have to give your id card photocopy or photographs to retailer as this process is based on biometric verification which gets completed online so all you need a aadhaar card, sim card along with owner of aadhaar card as this process includes biometric verification so you will have to verify your fingerprints at retailer shop so your linkage can be authenticated.

Your aadhar number and fingerprint verification is enough for it.

This step is taken by supreme court to prevent sim cards running on fake documents. Also this process includes fingerprint verification so it will prevent misuse of id cards and other identity documents. While verifying aadhaar card owner need to be present there so there’s no chance of document misuse for purchasing fake sim cards.

Aadhar details will be updated in sim card record for your number and old records will be overwritten.

Last date for sim card aadhar verification 6th February 2018 so you don’t have to rush and encounter the crows to link your aadhar card. But, it will be better if you link your sim card with aadhar card online before last few days as in last time there will be huge rush and it will be very difficult to get sim card verified.

All of mobile operators have already started this process and all steps for every operator is exactly same. However, we have provided details for each operator separately to make it look easier for you.

Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number

I am one hundred percent sure that you must be receiving multiple messages and calls from your sim card operator to remember you that you have to link aadhaar card. You can visit distributor of sim card in your area and can ask them for aadhar link. You don’t have to pay them any money, all you need to give them is your aadhar card number and need to authenticate it with bio-metric verification.

Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number

SMS Received From Idea For Re-Verification Of KYC

As this process includes fingerprint verifcation so you can’t link aadhaar card with mobile number online.

Table Of Contents

How To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number (Sim Card)

Here’s full process which you need to follow for aadhar card verification. The process is same for all operators and you can scroll below for seprate process for each of network operator. All the operators idea, vodafone, airtel, aircel, jio, bsnl, telenor, tata docomo etc have started the process. So locate a store in your nearby and complete the process so you don’t have to face disconnection of sim card.

  1. Visit nearest retailer (Specific to operator wise)
  2. Ask him for fingerprint verification for existing customers
  3. Tell your mobile number which you want to verify
  4. Give him your aadhar number when asked
  5. Authenticate the process by verifying the fingerprint through fingerprint scanner
  6. That’s all, you have successfully verified your SIM card
  7. You may receive a confirmation message from your service provider.

This is how you can link aadhar card with airtel SIM card (or, any other), at time of verification make sure that you keep your original aadhar card with you.

What Are The Documents Needed For Aadhaar Verification

As you all knows, everything is digital now. Now you don’t even need to give photocopies of id cards and neither photographs of you. Same as buying sim card for link aadhar you don’t need to have any id card in physical. You need to carry aadhar card number and sim card with you to get things done.

  • Your own aadhaar card
  • Owner of aadhar card present for fingerprint verification
  • Sim Card which need to be linked with aadhar card to receive otp on that number.
  • And… Shop you have visited must have a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Who Need To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number

If we look practically, all of mobile network users have to link aadhaar with their mobile numbers. No matter which operator sim card you use, it is mandatory. However, here are few points which you can check before you go for linking aadhaar card.

  • If your sim card was purchased with any identity proof except Aadhar Card
  • Sim card was purchased with aadhaar card but it was taken as a identity & address proof only and no biometric verification was done

If any of above point applies to you then you will have to link aadhaar card with mobile number.

You don’t have to link, If…..

  • You have purchased sim card with Aadhar card with biometrc verification
  • Or, you have already linked aadhaar card with mobile number.

We hope this will make things less complicated for you. Now follow below process for link aadhar with sim card.

Airtel Aadhar Link Online

Airtel aadhar verification has started in whole India and now millions have already linked their card with mobile number to keep it active. If you don’t want to encounter the last time rush at retailer shop then make sure that you complete the verification process now itself. Airtel is big network service provider so in their stores their will be huge crowd in last days so it’s better to do it now. So go to your nearest airtel store and link aadhar card with airtel mobile number.

  1. Locate a airtel store in your nearest location
  2. Visit them in your free time
  3. Ask them for linking aadhar card with airtel mobile number
  4. Give them your airtel mobile number
  5. Authenticate process with otp received from airtel
  6. give them your aadhar card number (Number, not aadhar card)
  7. Verify you fingerprints with biometric scanner
  8. Congrats, your airtel number has been successfully linked with aadhar card.

You can’t link aadhaar with airtel number online as this process needs involvement of airtel retailer and verification of fingerprints.

Idea Aadhar link Online

Idea aadhar link process is started so long time back in all India so make sure that you link your aadhar card with idea sim by following below process. Idea is one of those operators which started this process in start. They started this process very soon after decision of supreme court. Their main motto was to give their customers more time to links so they don’t have to suffer from huge rush and crowded stores.

  1. Visit you nearest shop of idea or idea retailer (There are a lot of idea retailers in every area, so you don’t have to go long)
  2. Ask them for idea aadhar link or verification with aadhar card
  3. Provide them your mobile number which you ant to link with aadhaar card
  4. Give them your aadhar card as well (You don’t have to give them xerox copy, only aadhar card number is enough)
  5. Now you will receive a otp on your idea mobile number for verification
  6. Give OTP (One Time Password) you received to retailer
  7. Now let them link your aadhar card with sim
  8. After that verify your identity with biometric verification (Fingerprint verification)
  9. That’s all your number is now successfully linked with aadhar card

How To Link Aadhaar Card With Vodafone Sim Card

Same process goes with vodafone aadhar link. The verification process is already started and can be competed by following process mentioned below. the process is very simple and secure to link aadhar card with vodafone mobile number online. Same as other operators you need to have a aadhar card number with you and you will have to visit vodafone store as it can’t be done online.

  1. Visit any voafone store or retailer of your area
  2. Ask them to link aadhaar with vodafone number with ekyc
  3. Give your mobile number along with aadhar card number to vodafone authorized retailer
  4. Now wait for a OTP which you will receive on your vodafone number for the process
  5. Let retailer authenticate process with One time Password
  6. Now put your fingerprints on biometric scanner to complete process
  7. That’s all, now you have successfully linked aadhar card with vodafone mobile number.

How To Link Aadhar Card With Aircel Mobile Number

Same process goes with Aircel. In aircel as well, you have to link aadhar card with mobile number. you can visit your nearby aircel store to get it done easily at for free. Best part is that you don’t need to carry your documents, sim card along with aadhar number enough for this.

  1. First of all look for any aircel store in your location
  2. Now visit the store with aadhar card, sim card
  3. Tell aircel retailer to link aadhaar with aircel sim
  4. Provide them your mobile number along wih aadhar card number
  5. Now authenticate the process with OTP received from aircel
  6. Finally verify fingerprints and you have successfully linked aadhar with aircel number.

How To Link Aadhar Card With BSNL Mobile Number

If you are a bsnl customer then also you have complete sim card aadhar verification. Process is quite simple and it is mandatory to do it. However, BSNL has far less retailers than other mobile operators so it is going to be hard for its user to get their number linked with aadhaar card. So i recommend you to visit a BSNL Retailer for verification purpose very soon as in upcoming days it is going to be very hard to go through this process. All this because there are big number of customers and BSNL Distributor and stores are very less.

  1. Search for a BSNL Outlet nearby
  2. Visit them with your BSNL Number which need to be linked
  3. Make sure you carry own aadhar card with you as it will be required to complete verification process
  4. Ask them for BSNL Aadhar Link
  5. Verify your mobile number with otp you receive during process
  6. Now enter your aadhar card number in their phone and verify your fingerprints
  7. You need to verify fingerprints by putting them on biometric machine

That’s all, now your BSNL Number has been successfully linked with aadhar card.

How To Link Aadhaar Card With MTNL Mobile Number

  • First of all visit any authorized mtnl store from mtnl aadhar link
  • Ask them for aadhar card verification
  • Provide your mobile number to them
  • Now you will receive a otp from MTNL as soon process starts
  • Provide otp to MTNL Retailer
  • Now Enter your aadhar card in their system
  • Now easily verify your fingerprints to get your MTNL Number linked with aadhar.

How To Link Jio Number With Aadhaar Card Online

Do you need to link aadhar with jio as well? Partially Yes & No as well.

In jio also you will have to link aadhar card but only if you have purchased your jio sim card without e-kyc.

When Jio started selling their sim cards they accepted aadhar card only so most of customers don’t have to do the re-verification of aadhar card. But, they was providing sim cards with aadhaar card without eKYC as well, in that they took xerox copies of aadhar cards along with photographs.

So, if your jio sim was activated with e-KYC then you don’t have to do it but if not than you will have to do it by visiting any Jio Store.

Most of Jio sims are already purchase with Aadhar Biometric verification so you will not need to do it but if you purchased sim in start when they was not using e-KYC then you will have to do that.

You can check that by contacting customer care and also whoever needs to link it has received a notification from jio for the same.

You can follow below process to link aadhar card with jio number:

  • First Of all visit reliance jio store with your mobile number
  • Provide them your mobile number along with aadhar card
  • You will receive a One Time Password through sms
  • Provide it to jio retailer
  • At last verify your aadhaar card with fingerprints.
  • You will also receive a sms from jio about the same in few minutes.

How To Link Aadhar Card With Reliance Mobile Number

You can follow below process to link aadhaar card with mobile number. In this process you need to visit reliance store and need to authenticate aadhaar card with fingerprint verification.

  • Visit reliance store
  • Ask reliance retailer for aadhar card link with sim card
  • Provide them your mobile number and aadhar card number
  • Enter OTP you received on your mobile number
  • At last verify your identity with fingerprint verification.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why we need to link Aadhaar Card to Mobile Number?

In India, there are a lot of sim cards running of fake documents or others documents so it becomes very hard to find out main culprit if anyone misuse number. Just to prevent it Supreme court has decided to make is mandatory to link aadhaar card with mobile number. If someone doesn’t follows the process then his number will be deactivated in few days once timeline is over.

So if someone have a sim card on fake documents then either he have to link it with aadhar card which will transfer sim card ownership to his name or if he doesn’t then sim card will be deactivated.

So it is going to stop the misuse of sim cards in near feature.

How To Check My Mobile Number Is Linked With Aadhaar Card or Not?

As of now there is no way to check that. So if you are confused whether your number is linked with aadhaar or not then you need to contact customer care by calling 198.

Or, you can wait and see if you receives any other message for aadhaar card verification from your network operator. If you have already linked then you will not receive any message for aadhaar link.

Is it necessary to use aadhar card of same person for whom SIM is issued?

No, its no necessary to use aadhaar card of same person. But if you have purchased sim on other’s name and linked your own aadhar then sim card ownership will be transferred to your name and all old owner records will be overwritten.

What if I don’t have id of person, whom name SIM card is taken?

If you don’t have id of the person on whom name connection is activated then you can link it to your own number. It will transfer sim card to your name.

What is the last date to link aadhar with SIM card?

There is a lot of time left for you to link it with aadhar card. Last date is 6th February which is over 6 month away from today. But try to link it in start itself so you don’t have to be a part of crowded stores.

Is it mandatory to link aadhaar with SIM card?

Yes, it is mandatory to link aadhaar card with sim card. If you don’t do it then your number will be disconnected. however, last date is 6th February so you can easily link it with aadhar in your free time. Make sure you link ist so you don’t have to face disconnection.

Can I link aadhaar card with mobile number online without visiting retailer?

Nope, you can’t do it online from your home. This process involves retailer and needs fingerprint verification so you can’t do it. But, there’s no problem in visiting retailer fior the same as nowadays you will surely find a retailer in less then 5km from your address. Also the process is completely free and you will not be charged anything by retailer for it.

Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Yes, you can link your aadhar with multiple sim cards. I know we all have multiple sim cards. However, there’s a limit of maximum connection for a individual customer. I think you canget 7-9 sim cards per aadhaar card, you can confirm same with retailer.

Is there any fees for aadhar link?

No, there is no fee for aadhar card link/ But in some areas retailers are asking 10-50 INR for it. You can avoid them and can go to another shop to get it done free. Also you can contact customer care about the same.

Moreover, some operators organize camps in multiple location every month. you can visit them to get it done for free.

I don’t have aadhaar card, what should i do?

You should get a aadhar card. You need aadhaar card for almost every service now. Even if you get your sim linked with any other’s aadhaar card still it will be required in many other govt. beneficial services. So, i recommend you to visit a aadhar card kiosk and get your aadhaar card.

More Details Here.

My Aadhar Card Is Registered In Different State & I Am Living In Different State, How Can I Link Aadhar Card With Mobile Number?

No, it is not possible to complete verification when you are in different state. But as you know last date is 6th February 2018 which far away from now so you can link it later when you visits your home state.

I am Out Of State, How Can I Link Aadhar?

In this case you can link aadhaar card with mobile number ewhen you comes back to your home state. There’s a lot of time left from now and you can visit once to get it done. You can also get it linked with your relative aadhar card number as well.

I am Out Of India, How I can Link Aadhar With Sim?

In this situation you can link any relative’s aadhar card with your sim card to prevent disconnection. You can also wait if you are going to come back in India before February 2018.

Do I Need To Link Jio Sim With Aadhar Which Was Purchased With e-KYC?

No, if your sim card was purchased with e-kyc then you don’t have to link aadhar card with sim as it’s already linked with it. However, some sim cards was purchased with aadhar card but no biomatric verification was done at that time. So if you submitted aadhar card as address and identity proof only then you will have to go through e-KYC.

How To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number If My Age Is Below 18 Years?

You can still link aadhaar card with mobile number even if you are below 18 years. However some mobile network operators still doesn’t allows to use aadhaar card of below 18 years age. In that case you can link your parants, brother’s aadhaar card.

Consider Reading : Stop Internet Usage From Main Balance

So guys this is a step toward a safer and more secure verification of SIM cards so we recommend you to link aadhaar card with mobile number sim. Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, BSNL & other operators has started this process already as it will surely help in decreasing the number of frauds and usage of SIM cards with others name or fake document .

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