Jio Phone FAQ – Online Booking Process

As we all know recently reliance jio have announced their phone which is called as “India Ka Smartphone” and named as jio Phone. Now as expected there are a lot of questions coming in our mind and we feels a bit confused, so in this post we have covered a few Jio Phone FAQ. We have tried our best to answer everything which you can ask but if we have missed something then you can comment down here and we will instantly reply you and will update the post as well.

Effectively phone costs nothing or you can say zero but it doesn’t means that you don’t have to pay anything. Initially you will have to pay Rs.1500 to get your phone which is fully refundable amount and will be refunded back to you after 3 years.

Jio have also announced special plans from users of jio phone which starts from Rs.153 for monthly plans which sachets are available from rs.24 only.

You can read complete post about it here, for now let’s start frequently asked questions for this jio’s smartphone.

Jio Phone FAQ Answered

How To Pre-Book Jio Phone Online

Jio Phone Online Booking Started

Jio phone pre bookings starts from 24th august 5.30 pm. If you want to book jio phone than you can pre-book it through or myjio app.

  1. First Of all open MyJio App in your android smartphone (Or Visit Here)
  2. Now on main screen click on Pre-Book Now Button
  3. Now enter your mobile number and delivery pin code
  4. Now select a suitable payment method
  5. Now pay for jio phone and complete phone booking process.

You can prebook jio phone online through and myjio app. The bookings will start from 24rd august. You can easily book your phone anytime after that. But make sure you book it as fast as possible there will be huge demand and it will be given on first com first serve basis.

Considering the huge demand it is clear the only a few peoples who will be able to book phone will get their phone on 1st September. Jio have also reported that they will be manufacturing over one million phones every week to match the demand so it will be not that hard to get it in your hands. But it’s always better to book it as fast as possible.

Those who don’t have internet access can book it through jio Digital Stores. But they have to face a lot of hype and rush due to demand of phone. I must say that they are the most eligible user to get this phone in start as it will allow them to get into world of internet for first time.

Who Should Buy Jio Phone?

This is the most common question which everyone is asking. If you also confused whether you should buy this phone or not then let me tell you that you should buy this phone only if you really want to use it.

If you already owns a smartphone with 4G support then you don’t really need it as it is just a basic keypad phone which is not going to impress you at all. But, if you are a basic mobile phone user and unable to buy a smartphone or feels hard to operate that then you should surely grab this phone at unbelievable cost of rs.1500 only, which is also fully refundable after 3 years. Second scenario is that you have a smartphone which doesn’t supports 4G but you want to enjoy jio 4G services at affordable cost then this jio Phone is for you.

Moreover, you can buy this phone to use your basic tv as smart tv using jio Phone-TV cable which is available with rs.309 plan of jio.

Jio Phone Price : Is It Really Free?

Jio Phone For Free

So as we all knows that Jio phone is effectively free but the word “Effectively Free” is making things more complicated so let me tell you that Yes, JioPhone is really free but there’s a catch to avoid the misuse of the phone.

In simple words you will have to pay rs.1500 for phone at time of delivery or booking which will be refunded back to you. The amount is being charged as security money and it’s completely refundable, but just keep in mind that you will not get refund very soon, you will have to wait for three years.

If you really needs it the i must say that it is a good choice even at cost of rs.1500. Even if it was not effectively free then also i would have suggested it in place of any basic phone from any brand.

Jio Phone Features & Specifications

Jio Phone Specification

Now here come the main part of jio phone, what are specification of it. Considering the cost of Rs.1500 jio phone have some massive features which includes 4G VoLTE Support and front facing camera.

Jio phone have 2.4″ QVGA Color display, VGA Camera, SD Card Slot and pre-installed Jio apps like jio music, jio tv and a lot of others to count.

Other then these features JioPhone supports 22 languages and accepts voice commands as well. You can simply use these voice commands to operate your phone. This phone is very useful for those who are unable to operate the in lack of knowledge or have some eye problems. However, it’s not confirmed yet that whether it will accept commands in all these 22 languages or not, english and hindi are confirmed.

Jio Phone Launch Date?

Pre-book Jio Phone online

Announcements for this SMARTPHONE are already made on 22nd July and it’s clear now that it will available for pre-booking from 24th August and deliveries will start from 1st September itself.

Jio have also confirmed that phone will be available for beta testing from 15th August itself. In beta mode it will be given to their employees, Jio Store owners and their distributors for testing the capabilities of phone.

So being a jio customer of jio you can get it in your hands from 1st September 2017. The phone will be given on first come first serve basis after booking which starts 24th Aug.


How To Get Jio Phone On 15 August?

Exited? want to get it on 15th august? but i am sorry to say that you can’t get it on 15 august as it will not available for public booking at that time. You can book it on 24th August only.

On 15th August it will be given to some specific peoples only which includes employees and distributors of Jio.

Do I Need To Purchase A New Sim For Jio Phone?

As of now it’s not clear but according to available information you will have to buy a new sim for this phone. there will be different plans as well which are introduced specially for this phone.

If you already have a jio 4g sim card then also you will have to buy a new sim. It clearly means that your current jio sim will not work on Jio Phone.

However, this is not confirmed yet so you may be able to use your existing sim card as well. Separate sim for jio phone is expected because Jio plans for jio phone users and non-jio phone users are slightly different. Jio may also come up with migration process for existing jio users who want to get Jio Phone.

What Is Delivery Date Of Jio Phone?

We have already told you that the bookings will start from 24th August and deliveries will start from 1st September 2017. The date can be different even if you book phone on same day due to huge demand. The phone will be delivered on first come first serve basis.

Those who will book it within first few hours may get it on 1st September otherwise you ill have to wait a little more. Once jio start shipping your phone you can check the delivery date by going to courier website.

Does The Jio Phone Supports Dual Sim?

No, Jio phone doesn’t support dual sim. It means that you can use only single sim in this phone. If you are going to use this as your primary device then i will suggest you to port your existing number to Jio instead of buying new. This way you can keep your main number running with you on Jio 4G VoLTE Network.

Report also says that there will be multiple variants available for JioPhone and some of them may support dual sim cards. Let’s hop for the best and wait for it until everything is confirmed.

Where I Can Buy Jio Phone Online?

Jio phone cam be purchased online by vising jio’s official website. Beside that you can also order one for you by using MyJio app. Once you purchase it online it will be shipped by any courier partner of Ji and will delivered to you withing 3-10 days, depending upon your location.

Can We Buy Jio Phone Offline?

Yes, you can simply visit nearby reliance jio store and can get your phone.  But there will be huge crowd and rush due to high demand so it will be very hard to get a phone from store.

Previously, when jio started selling their 4G sim cards there was very high demand and huge crowed near Jio stores. It was very-very hard to get a jio sim those days. Sam thing will happen once again, so you can think how hard booking a phone is going to be.

How Does The Jio Phone Pre Bookings will work?

The booking process will be completed in three steps and you will get it delivered to your home if you register for it online.

  1. Booking Phone online through or MyJio App
  2. Shipping
  3. Delivery

Can I Port My Existing Number To Jio So I Can Use It In Jio Phone?

Yes, you can simply port your existing number to jio and can get it running on 4G network of jio. It will be best for you as phone may support single sim card only. MNP to jio is completely simple and all you need to do is generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending a sms to 1900. After that you can visit your near reliance jio store with KYC & UPC.

MNP takes around 4-6 days so once you submit it, your number will be ported to Jio after 5-6 days. During this process your number will be active on your old operator and once it gets deactivated you can insert new sim in your phone.

Can I Make Calls Without Recharge Using Jio Phone?

No, you will have to recharge with available plans to keep your services active with Jio. You can’t make calls if you don’t recharge your phone with available plans. There are multiple plans available for you to choose from.

If you really want to experience true HD VoLTE calls with Jio network then make sure that you recharge your phone. Monthly plans for jio starts from just Rs.153 which gives unlimited calls and data for one month. In start jio may come with a promotional offer and will increase it’s validity to 3 months. There is another Rs.309 plan available which will give higher data usage and choice to watch live tv on your tv by connecting jio phone. We will read more about these plans below.

What Are The Benefits Of Jio 153 Plan?

This is cheapest plan from jio with highest validity. This plan will let you make unlimited calls and 100 SMS a day. You can also enjoy Jio 4G Services with this phone. There will be cap of 500 MB per day in this plan which means that you can recharge with this plan and can enjoy high speed 4G daily up to 500 MB.

What Are The Benefits Of Jio 309 Plan?

This is another good plan from jio it will give you 1 GB 4G data daily along with 100 SMS and unlimited free calls. This is most beneficial plan for high data users as it allows them to use up to 1 GB data at 4G speed daily.

There is another good thing about this plan is that if you oipt for this plan then you can use your jio phone to connect it to your tv. If you connect it to tv then you can simply watch live tv using jio tv, movies with jio cinema at larger screen. Jio will provide a JioPhone-TV Cable for connecting your phone with tv. Best thing about it is that you can connect your pone with any tv.

How To Connect Jio Phone With TV?

If you want to connect your phone with tv then you can simply connect it using tv cable provided by Jio. All you need to do is, first connect the cable with tv then simply plug it in to your phone and you are done. You tv is now ready to show you some amazing content from multiple available choices.

What Will Be Jio Phone-TV Cable Price?

Price is not announced yet, even it’s not clear that you will have to buy it separately or you will get it free with your phone. All we know about this cable is that it will be available for those who opt for 309 plan. This cable along with jio phone will transform your TV to a smart tv.

Will Jio Phone Supports All TVs?

Yes, if you go with 309 plan then you get  a Jio TV cable and with it you can enjoy Jio’s premium services on larger screen. Best thing is that it will support all televisions. If you have old CRT TV then also it will support your tv. Which means that if you have very old tv then also you can connect it with jio phone. But to enjoy this you will have to go with Rs.309 plan as it will not work with Rs.153 plan.

How Much Time I Can Watch TV With Jio Phone In A Day?

With Jio 309 plan you get daily  1 GB data usage so you can watch tv for almost 3-5 hours depending upon quality of video you choose. If you are going to use it for Live TV then it’s a good alternative of tv set up box. Biggest benefit of Jio TV is that you can watch previous episodes of a show if you have missed any.

Does The Jio Phone Run Whatsapp?

Another biggest question is that does JioPhone supports whatsapp? As per available information jio phone doesn’t supports whatsapp. But there are chances that it may support it but there are very few chances of it. Reports also says that in this phone you will not get whatsapp but it will come with jio’s own chatting messenger called Jio Chat.

Does the Jio Phone Have Facebook?

Yes, jio phone supports facebook. Even if it doesn’t supports it there will be a internet browser which can be use to browse websites so you can also visit to access your facebook account.

Does Jio Phone Hotspot?

There will be multiple models of Jio Phone and some of them may support hotspot. However they will be locked by Jio and later can be unlocked by them with a software update. If it comes with hotspot feature then it wil be best buy and i will suggest it to all of those who want to get jiofi.

Does Jio Phone Have GPS?

Yes, Jio phone have GPS system. There is no official information available about it but during it’s announcement they showed some demos of phone which also includes SOS messaging. With that function phone can send SMS to group of selected peoples if you are in trouble. This message contain a short message along with your location on google map which is not possible without GPS so yes it does supports GPS. They have also announced that the phone will also start sending number of near police station of location after a software update.

Does The Jio Phone Have NFC?

Initially, Jio phone will not support NFC but after a software update it will start supporting it. After that you can make payments easily using NFC. You can add your Debit card , Credit Card & UPI to it to make payments.

When I Will Get Refund Of Rs.1500?

You can get refund for your phone after three years. So if you want to get money back than you will have to visit your nearby jio store with phone invoice and other details. After that you can get refund back to you.

Do I Need To Return Jio Phone After 3 Years?

Nope, you don’t have to return jio-phone. However, if you want to take refund for jio phone than you will have to return phone back to jio.

Can We Insert Other Operators Sim In Jio Phone?

If jio phone will support single sm than you will not be able to use other operator sim in jio phone. It may come locked with jio sim.

Can I Get refund For Jio Phone Before 3 Years

No, you can not get refund for jio phone before 3 years. If you gets a defective piece than you can get it replaced at nearby jio store. Also if there’s any problem in your phone in upcoming time than you can get it repaired for free under warranty.

Can We Do Video Calls With Jio Phone

Even we are not sure about this.


Jio Phone Specifications

DISPLAYScreen Size: 6.09cm (2.4)
Screen Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240)
SIM Slot: Single SIM
SIM Size: Nano Sim (4FF type)
Color: Black
Box Contents: Handset, Removable Battery, Charger Adaptor,
Quick Service Guide, Warranty card, SIM CARD
PERFORMANCEProcessor (CPU): 1.2GHz Dual Core
Chipset: SPRD 9820A/QC8905
Graphics (GPU): Mali-400 @ 512MHz
RAM: 512MB
BATTERYCapacity: 2000 mAh, Li-Po
Talktime: 12 Hours
Standby Time: 15 Days
Expandable: Upto 128GB
CAMERARear Camera: 2MP
Front Camera: 0.3MP
Video Recording: Yes
Wireless FM Radio: Yes
Video Player: 720p, MPEG4, h.263, h.264
Loudspeaker: Yes
Alert Type: Ringtone + Vibration
CONNECTIVITYOperating Frequency: BAND3(1800)/BAND5(850) LTE-TDD BAND40(2300)
4G: Yes, LTE Cat4
True 4G (LTE Support): VoLTE (Video & HD Voice Call),
Wi-Fi: Yes
NFC: Yes
Bluetooth: BT 4.1 with BLE
GPS: Yes
USB Connectivity: USB 2.0
EMAIL SUPPORTMicrosoft Exchange: Yes
22 indian offical languages- Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri ,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri,
Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu
JIO APPSMyJio, JioTV, JioCinema, JioChat, JioMusic, JioXpressNews
VOICE ASSISTANTVoice enabled search (English, Hindi) Compose SMS, Search on Google. Open app, call connect
CONNECT TO TVYes. Via JioMediaCable
OTHER FEATURESTorch, Connect Import via Gmail

This is all the information we have, if we have anything to share with you then we will update it here on this page. If we have missed something or you have any FAQ about Jio Phone then you can comment down.

Let’s hope for best and wait till it’s launched. Cost of the phone is very affordable so we recommend you to get one as for Rs.1500 you are going to get so much of features in this phone. GPS, NFC & 4G VoLTE are some of these functions which are very hard to see in any other phone at this range and unbelievable for a basic keypad phone.

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