GoDaddy Renewal Coupon India 2018 to Save 60% On Domain Renewal

GoDaddy is the ultimate solution for all your online marketing needs. It can be anything from domains, hosting, SSL etc, GoDaddy is there to serve you all. But, it costs a lot to purchase all these kinds of stuff so here we have some working GoDaddy Promo Code for India to help you with saving some money on your purchases.

I will give you some working coupons for every kind of service available on GoDaddy. We have working GoDaddy renewal coupon code, coupons for domains, hosting purchases along with multiple other working coupons.

As usual, you can place your first order at very cheap rates as they do have some amazing discounts available for new users. But when you are placing your second or third order, it will cost a lot. That’s where you will need these GoDaddy coupons.

On top of that, once your service is about to expire then you will have to renew it in order to keep using it. But, renewal costs for most of the products are very high, trust me they cost a lot in comparison to the first order we placed.

But, then also you can use GoDaddy renewal promo code to get some discount but it will not be that much as that’s how their business works. Still, you can easily save 30-50% on your renewals using discount offers.

Generally, I don’t recommend users to purchase hosting from GoDaddy but they are one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a domain.

It’s for sure that their hosting is not up to mark when we look at the price we are paying. But, it’s interface is newbie friendly so you can go ahead and purchase hosting from GoDaddy for initial months and later can switch to a better host.

Godaddy promo code

GoDaddy Promo Code: Domain, Hosting & Renewal

Click here and message me personally, I will reply with the best discount offer available.

Click Here and visit the official GoDaddy page and get the best discount offer available.

Note: I don’t recommend GoDaddy for hosting but for domains they are really a great choice.

How to Renew Domain/Hosting on GoDaddy?

You can renew your domain using steps written below. It is a very simple process. Still, if you need any help then make comment below and I will help you out.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account
  2. Visit my products section
  3. Choose the type of product and click on manage all (hosting or domain)
  4. Click on renew now
  5. Select, for how many years you want to renew
  6. Apply GoDaddy Promo Code for extra discount
  7. Pay using a suitable method to complete your renewal.

Tip: Chat with GoDaddy customer care before renewal to get an exclusive promo code. They will give you a Godaddy renewal coupon which will be usable once for your renewal only.

What If You Don’t Have a Domain Renewal Coupon?

First domain on GoDaddy costs Rs.99-150 only. This is pricing for first-year registration after that you will have to pay regular price for domain renewal which is usually Rs.700.

Most of the peoples may find it costlier to renew domain especially when they don’t have actual use of domain or earning nothing from it.

If you get lucky then you may save some money on renewal as well if there are any discount coupon available. But. what if there’s no discount coupon available? then you will have to pay the full amount in order to keep your domain functioning.

In this case, you have two options (Both of them works very well, mostly):

  1. Contact GoDaddy support and ask them to provide you a discount coupon for domain renewal. Using this hack you can easily get a 15% discount coupon. Now you can proceed with renewal at a discount price.
  2. The second way is that you transfer the domain to any other registrar. Transferring costs somewhat equal to renewal fees but as you will be a new customer for new domain provider, you can get a good discount on transfer.

You can tranfer domain to Bigrock as they are giving 30% extra discount on domain transfer which includes one year free extention (renewal). If you renew domain at GoDaddy then it will cost you Rs.670+ while if you transfer that domain to bigrock then it will cost you only Rs.440.

Visit here to avail this offer.

How to Transfer Domain From GoDaddy to Another Domain Provider?

Note: If you transferring domain just to save money then I recommend you to first check above GoDaddy Promo Code and if nothing works then you should transfer the domain.

  1. Click here and Login to your GoDaddy account
  2. Now go to My Products
  3. Select the domain you want to transfer
  4. Scroll and go to the bottom of the page (Additional settings section)
    GoDaddy Domain Transfer Procedure
  5. Turn off the domain lock (Refer to the image above), It will take some time, you will receive confirmation by email
  6. Now click on Get authorization code to receive a secret code by mail
  7. After that, visit registrar to which you want to transfer
  8. Proceed with domain transfer
  9. Apply promo code and make payment
  10. Now enter the secret code you received through email to complete the transfer.

That’s it for now, you can comment down below in case you need any help.

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