Big Bazaar Holi Game – Big Bazaar Holi Offer 2018- Win Rs.1000 Voucher

It’s Holi again, the day of colors. On this special colorful festival, Big Bazaar has a special offer in which you get a free voucher of Rs.1000. In order to win the Rs.1000 voucher from this Big Bazaar Holi Game Offer 2018, you need to play an easy game. The top 300 scorers will win a big bazaar gift voucher of Rs.1000 which other participants will get a special discount coupon.

The discount coupon which you will be getting under this holi offer will give you a discount of Rs.200 on your next purchase at Big Bazaar. In order to win a voucher in this offer, you need to play a simple game. In the game, you will have to go to Big Bazaar store safely. Means, in the game, you will have to go through road and during that, you will be attacked by colors and you will have to escape from them.

Big Bazaar Holi Offer 2018 - Big Bazaar Holi Game

Moreover, there will be some cars running on the road and you need to be safe from them as well as if you touch them by mistake then you will have to start again from the beginning. In simple words, you need to safely reach Big Bazaar store in the game. You will have only three problems, first, you will be attacked by colors, second, you will also have to escape from cars running on the road. And at last, there will be no map in the game so it is going to be difficult to win in the Big Bazaar Game. You need to figure out, how to win in Big Bazaar Holi Offer.

Big Bazaar Holi Game Offer 2018 – Play Holi Game & Win

How to Play And Win In Big Bazaar Holi Game

  1. Click here and visit Big Bazaar game page
  2. Click on Play button
  3. Use arrow keys to drive to Big Bazaar store
  4. If you win then you will get Rs.1000 voucher
  5. If you are not among winners, then you will get a Rs.200 discount voucher.

Big Bazaar Holi Game Offer Terms & Conditions

1. Holi Game is a skill based game which incentivizes users to play & get Shopping vouchers

2. ROUND 1: On 27 th Feb 2018,Top 300 highest scorer will receive an SMS with Shopping voucher code worth Rs.1000 & others get Rs.200 off Shopping voucher

3. ROUND 2: On 2 nd March 2018, Top 200 Highest scorers will receive an SMS with Shopping voucher code worth Rs.1000 others get Rs.200 off Shopping voucher

4. Vouchers can be used across Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar & fbb stores

5. Only 1 coupon can be used/redeemed against one bill

6. 1 user is eligible to receive only one coupon code.

7. FRL shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfil any of its obligations under this terms and conditions due to flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone or any other acts of god of similar nature, war, strike, lockout, or governmental or judicial or quasi-judicial policies/intervention/direction /prohibition or change in law or for any technology/network failure or any other reasons beyond its control.

8. An entrant to this activity indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

9. If FRL finds out any illicit activities, fake profiles or bot users creating multiple accounts or tampering the gaming, those users will not be counted or gratified

10. In case of any dispute, the decision of FRL shall be final and binding on all concerned and Courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive Jurisdiction.

11. FRL reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Big Bazaar Holi Offer and such changes shall be deemed effective immediately.

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